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More benefits of TrakandGo

With over a decade of knowledge specialising in lost luggage systems throughout the world, TrakandGo has been developed by experts who know the best way to make your lost luggage and lost property find you.

  TrakandGo not only enhances the chances of your luggage finding you quickly, it also offers additional security.

Your details are securely held on TrakandGos system, saving you from the risk of displaying personal information such as home addresses and phone number on the outside of the luggage.

TrakandGo makes your luggage and personal valuables totally unique through its individual code displayed on the tag.

By using TrakandGo, your luggage and personal valuables get a 24 hour finders phone line, web and e-mail links and the unique benefit of contacting you through the airline industry's own communication system.

From only £9.99 for two sets of luggage tags and seven 'micro' labels (ideal for laptops, mobile phones, passports, cameras and other personal valuables) you receive a full year's subscription to the service.

A small price to pay for the additional peace of mind you receive with TrakandGo.