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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register the TrakandGo codes for my luggage and personal valuables?

Once you have received your TrakandGo products click on register your TrakandGo from the homepage and enter a code in the box and description of the luggage or valuable item it is attached to, click add and enter your next code(if you have more than one)! Once you have entered all your codes if you are registering for the first time with TrakandGo click "Create New Account" enter some personal data and then proceed to your account page. If you have registered with TrakandGo before click "Add to an Existing Account" and log in.

Where do I buy or get TrakandGo from?

1. You can buy TrakandGo products directly from our online SHOP
2. You received TrakandGo free with a Carlton Luggage, Lifeventure, K2 Luggage, American Express Travel Insurance.
3. You received TrakandGo as a gift.

Why bother with TrakandGo tags for my luggage and personal valuables?

According to SITA, the IT provider which tracks baggage information for airlines and passengers, over 40 million pieces of luggage go missing every year. Often when luggage has been lost many believe it has been stolen. However the reality is it's probably been found but the finder hasn't been able to locate the owner due to the luggage losing all it's airline identification.. The Transport for London (TfL) lost property office is one of the largest in the UK and is handling over 130,000 lost items a year. Wherever your item is found, in whichever part of the world, TrakandGo’s system, uses every possible route to reunite you with your lost property, by providing the finder with a choice of convenient ways to contact you quickly. No other identity tag is integrated with the airline industry’s very own communication system alongside the internet, email and a 24 hour finders hotline. Not only does TrakandGo enhance the chances of your luggage finding you quickly, it also increases your security. All communication takes place via TrakandGo, so that no personal information such as your home address or telephone numbers, ever need to be displayed on the outside of your luggage or personal belongings.

Can I buy additional tags for my other luggage and bags?

The standard TrakandGo tag pack is designed to cover two pieces of luggage. You can purchase additional tag sets to cover all your cases and bags via our online shop. To go directly to our online shop, click here

How do I activate/register the TrakandGo on my Bag/Luggage?

To activate/register your TrakandGo code/s click on the 'Register your TrakandGo' button, this is located on the left near the top of this or the homepage. Once you click this button enter your id code/s in the Unique ID box, enter a description of the luggage or valuable item it is attached to and click 'add'

Why is TrakandGo different to other luggage tracking services?

TrakandGo has been developed by people who have front line experience within the airline lost luggage industry. Adam Dalby, TrakandGos; Managing Director spent many years working with airlines and their personnel training the industry's own lost luggage tracking and reconciliation systems. With the TrakandGo service you are adding a system that works for you, within the travel industry, to maximise the potential of your luggage being found.

Where is the best place on my luggage to attach TrakandGo tags?

Adhesive Tags/Labels:
For the adhesive luggage tag and asset labels locate a firm, flat area to ensure the adhesive can bond to the surface.

Metal Luggage Tag:
If the metal luggage tag is only going to be used on a single item of luggage, we recommend using a drop of liquid glue on the locking thread when attaching around the handle.

Do I need to let you know if my luggage goes missing?

You don't need to inform us should your luggage go missing. We automatically pass finder information to you. We do recommend you check your contact details are up to date and you have entered an e-mail address that you can access when you are away from home.

What happens if my personal contact details change?

Simply update your details at any time through your personal account page at the i-TRAK website